What is Biotin?

BIOTIN doctoral programme features an international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach to provide 10 doctoral candidates (DCs) a unique blend of research training skills in the convergence of life sciences, engineering and entrepreneurship skills, with the aim of advancing innovation in biomedical and bioengineering fields.

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Implementing Partners

BIOTIN is coordinated by Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) in collaboration with two partner organisations: Boğaziçi University (BOUN) and Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (IBG). IZTECH, IBG and BOUN are located in two major cities of Türkiye, İzmir and İstanbul and all will be recruiting DCs.

Research Partners

In addition to the host recruiting institutions, a total of 28 associated partner organizations, including 17 academic and 11 non-academic organizations, most of them in Europe and the United States, will contribute to the program.

Meet Our Supervisors

BIOTIN DCs will benefit from an interdisciplinary team of supervisors with ample experience in the non-academic & industrial sectors. Each DC will be appointed three highest-calibre, experienced, academic supervisors from different disciplines complementary for their PhD projects. The supervisory team will guide the student with regards to the day- to-day supervision and training programs.