What is BIOTIN?

How can I apply to the program?

Is there a nationality restriction for candidates wishing to apply for the BIOTIN program?

Can I apply if I live in Türkiye?

Can I send part of my application/or supporting documents by post or by e-mail?

Can I change the PhD topic/my preference after submitting my application?

I am about to finish my Ph.D. Can I apply for the BIOTIN?

Can I apply to more than one Marie Curie Actions at the same time?

I have finished Master but I do not have the diploma from my university yet. Should I upload the provisional certificate?

I am currently enrolled in a Doctoral Program, but I have not defended my PhD yet. Can I apply?

Am I eligible if I’m currently a student of one of the host academic institution?

Is there an age limit for application?

Is it possible to update my application after the submission deadline?

How the members of the selection committees are selected?

Can the fellowship be prolonged?

Does the candidate need to cover tuition fees for BIOTIN?

What is the procedure to obtain work permit/residence permit?