BIOTIN DCs will be provided support to develop networking & communication skills within and outside the academic environment, in order to increase and broaden the impact of their research projects and actions.

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An advanced & multidisciplinary training program is designed in the frame of BIOTIN, combining several research & training-through-research activities (access and training on state-of-the-art techniques and equipment), a secondment in relevant academic and non-academic institutions at the forefront of research & technology and a number of local and network-wide complementary short-visits and training activities (schools, workshops, conferences, etc.). The training programme will be documented in the individual Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) of DCs.

During the PhD thesis project, DCs will also acquire transferable skills through regular research meetings, networking events and presentations. A number of compulsory and optional activities will be available for the fellows. This will include local scientific & technical workshops, seminars, health and safety lectures, etc. All DCs will engage in at least one research secondment at an international academic institution, and at least one short-visit or training at an industry partner (in Turkey or in abroad).

The program will provide recruited fellows the opportunity to participate in a number of additional events including an Introduction Event for BIOTIN Doctoral Students, Hands-on-schools for practical training in several topics of interest within the program, BIOTIN Summer School and a Final BIOTIN Scientific Symposium.

The recruited fellows will also be provided workshops and training programs to develop transferrable and entrepreneurial skills such as technology commercialization, IP rights and patent writing, and to build a successful career in academia or industry (Research/Open Data Management, Open Science/ Access policy, National & international funding programs, Science and Society Communication, Academic writing training, Learn Mentorship).

“Meet the Entrepreneur” event series will connect leading biomedical and biotech enterpreneurs with DCs. Additionally, a Start-up Prize will be provided by Technopark İzmir located in IZTECH campus.