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List of Applicants Invited to the Interview Stage

BIOTIN external experts have completed evaluating the eligible applications for the BIOTIN PhD Program. Accordingly, applicants invited to the interview stage are given below in alphabetical order:

1- A***l W****b
2- A**a R****n
3- D***d Y***k
4- F***l W***b
5- G******u B****e
6- I***n A*i
7- I****l A*o H***n
8- J******e K***a
9- J******r S**h S**d B*****i
10- M*****a T***z
11- N***a B***l
12- N*****n B*********r
13- O***a E**z
14- R***a G*l
15- R***a P**k
16- S***d A*i S**h
17- S******w W****a

A 30’ interview will be conducted by an Interview Committee of 10 experts including 2 BIOTIN project supervisors. During the interview, the candidates will be graded according to the predefined evaluation criteria. Evaluation criteria are briefly as follow:
1.    Communication Skills (10 points) such as clarity, English speaking skills, ability to listen and respond appropriately, non-verbal communication skills such as facial expression and tone of voice,
2.    Affinity for Personal Development and Innovation-oriented Training (10 points) such as  willingness to seek original, novel solutions to challenges, openness to personal development, proof of applicant’s independent actions to seek continuous learning opportunities and time-management skills, expectations of the applicant for personal development and training from BIOTIN, career development goals of the applicant,
3.    Technical Knowledge Matching Research Themes Selected by the Applicant (10 points) such as  motivation for selected projects, understanding of scientific and technological aspects of the selected projects, experience to design and apply relevant research methods,
4.    Quality of Answers to Questions (10 points) such as confidence in answering questions, demonstration of depth of knowledge, demonstration of critical and analytical thinking abilities.
The threshold for candidates, at the interview stage, to be ranked in the final list is 25 out of 40.
The interview will also provide an opportunity for the candidate to discuss any personal requirements or clarify doubts.
The interview stage will meet the judging merit principle of European Charter & Code.